Davidson Law Group

Copyright Litigation

  • We represent clients in protecting their textile designs when they have been copied by garment manufacturers.
  • We enforce international rights that have been infringed by U.S. companies.
  • We have obtained disgorgement of profits of hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of our clients against national retail chains. Because we prepare cases for trial, we obtain a full accounting of unlawfully obtained profits from companies involved in the infringement.
  • On behalf of our clients, we have pursued and obtained attorneys’ fees for willful infringement.
  • In copyright cases involving fraudulent defenses of independent authorship by textile companies based overseas, we work with a network of investigators to uncover the fraud.
  • We obtain copyright registrations on behalf of authors of pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works and other works of authorship and are familiar with the registration guidelines of the U.S. Copyright Office. We use timely copyright registrations to obtain statutory damages on behalf of our clients.
  • We counsel clients on fair use of copyrighted works and defend them against claims of copyright infringement
  • We represent clients in cases involving misappropriation of the right of publicity and related matters.
  • We represent artists and motion picture companies in copyright disputes and litigation.